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Mono dvd coming soon

This looks awesome.


MONO's first DVD "The Sky Remains The Same As Ever"

It contains the documentary footages filmed during the European tour in the winter
of 2006 through the tours in Japan, Korea, US and Canada in 2007, including the
recording session in Chicago. 100 minuntes long.
This DVD was filmed and edited by Teppei. He is well known figure as "live music
photographer" in Japan. He made five roundtrips among the continents and spent
more than sixty days on the road to film the band. He had over a hundred tapes to
work on editing.
Teppei's original vision and skill to capture a moment, that has been nurtured as
still photographer for many years, is vividly reflected in the moving images in this
DVD. He succeeded to seize the beauty, intensity, liveness of MONO's live
As Teppei traveled with MONO everywhere, he filmed the audience of many
countries and showed us the band's off-stage life on the road including the
reunion with the band's close friends.
It will be out this summer.
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